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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Frank Argenbright, heads SecurAmerica, a rapidly growing security company that provides innovative contract security service solutions. Founded in 2005, SecurAmerica's unique value proposition has resulted in rapid growth, high customer satisfaction rates and uniquely low levels of employee turnover. more...

frank argenbright

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Givens is responsible for all customer service, business development, operations, quality assurance, human resources and profit and loss functions for the SecurAmerica in the US. more...

Thomas Givens

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Geisler joined the Company in 2015. He has extensive financial, operating and strategic management experience in public and private service industries including security and facilities management. more...

Mike Geisler

Vice President, Global / National Accounts

David Crow is the Vice President of Global/National Accounts Sales and Operations. His goal is to grow SecurAmerica’s Global/National accounts team into one of the most dynamic, customer-focused organizations in the industry by offering clients a program with distinctively different components that differentiate our services from the rest of the industry. more...

Thomas Givens

Senior Vice President of Organizational Development

John Garrigan is Senior Vice President of Organizational Development where he is responsible for organizational service excellence, marketing/communications, human resources, employee development/training, strategic account quality assurance and a wide range of other operational, branding and strategic initiatives. more...

Vice President of Human Resources

Suzanne Fountain is Vice President of Human Resources for SecurAmerica and is responsible for the establishment, oversight and support of SecurAmerica's Human Resources function across the US to include benefit design and administration, talent acquisition, employment practices litigation/compliance and associate labor relations. more...

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